Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic

February 2005
Malfatti...would hate FURT’s music, describing it no doubt as “gabby”, which would be the understatement of the year, this stuff is so action-packed it’s curiously slow moving at times... the sheer variety of material sampled and mangled, a veritable treasure trove of stock new music sounds including hysterical Berberianesque sopranos, rough, farty trombones (shades of Paul Rutherford), springy and splattery Barry Guy-like double bass, and all manner of swoops, glitches, crunches, splats, rasps, boings, crackles, wheezes, scratches, plonks, bumps, beeps, screeches, rumbles, growls, thuds, squeaks, groans, gurgles, pips, thwacks, plunks, whacks, buzzes and toots... mighty impressive stuff.